Friday, February 25 1757

In the morning arose to go with the man and woman to be married, but was soon disappointed by the man’s declaring he would not be married. We then concluded to go to Uckfield and put an end to so troublesome an affair. Our company was Mr French, Mr Vine, John Watford, Stephen Clinch, the man and myself. We called at Mr French’s and my mother’s in our road to Uckfield, but did not stay.

When we came before Mr Courthope, he discharged the man without examining him, but assured us he would take care that we should have proper security and that he would grant us some of our expenses since the man prevented our taking, the parish security on Thursday morning or rather on Wednesday night; that is, as to the superfluous expense he has put us to except the license and ring. We went to Mr Holland’s at the Maiden Head where we spent 18d… We called at my mother’s and Mr French’s as we came home, but did not stay. We came home thoroughly wet and fatigued about 6:20 and not a little overjoyed this troublesome affair is over. My family at home dined on the remains of Tuesday’s dinner, but I dined at my mother’s on some rice pie…

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