Thursday, February 24 1757

About 11:10 I was sent for down to Jones’s but did not go. Again about 12:30 I was sent for, when I arose and went and then found the man, instead of going to Uckfield today, in the mind of marrying the girl (for Mr French had agreed he should have £5, a ring value 10/-, a wedding dinner and married with a license). I stayed about 30 minutes (finding most of ’em drunk) and came home to bed. About 6 o’clock, I arose and went down to see if the man was in the same mind. When I found he was not, then I again went home to bed, and about 7:30 I again was sent for. I accordingly arose and went, and the man then declared if I would get the license, he would then be married. I then went up to Joseph Fuller and sent for Mr French, and they both agreed I should go to Lewes to get a license. I borrowed of Mr French 1.16.0. Joseph Fuller lent his horse to go upon, and we agreed I should meet the people at Laughton Church on account they must married there. So about 8:30 I set off for Lewes. (But first I desired to Mr French in my absence to send Mr Shoesmith word not to go to Uckfield). I arrived about 9:20 and applied for a license, but could get none on account the man was not there in presence. I breakfasted at the White Horse and then came away home by Laughton where I met Mr Porter, Mr French, Joseph Fuller, John Durrant, Thomas Cornwell, John Watford, Hyland and the girl, who all came away home again. I spent this journey as under:

To going through Peckham’s0.0.1
¼ Pint wine0.0.6
Horse and ostler0.0.3

We dined today on the remains of Tuesday’s dinner with the addition of some sausages. After dinner, the man being very sober and then in the mind of marrying, it was agreed we should go with him to Lewes to get a license. We accordingly set off, he on a horse of Mr French’s, John Watford on one of Mr Porter’s and myself on one of Joseph Fuller’s. We went very well till we came as far as Mr Spence’s, when the man declared he would go no farther, but would go in there and send for Mr Dicker to be bound for him, but we persuaded him to go back to Hoathly and send for the overseers of Laughton, go to Mr Courthope’s and have no more trouble. Well, he agreed to it and was got on our road home as far as the turnpike when his mind altered, and he would marry if we would advance 40/- more. We then turned again and went to Lewes where we met with Joseph Fuller Jr, who gave him a note of hand for 30/- and 5 stone of beef to be paid on the day he was married to Ann Durrant. He then made all the solemn vows etc. that he would then marry her if we would take out a license, which we did, and also bought a ring. After smoking a pipe with Feron, John and Joseph Fuller and Aldersey at the White Horse, we came home about 11:30. I spent this journey as under:

To going through Peckham’s0.0.2
To the turnpike0.0.6
Horses and ostler0.1.1

Borrowed of John Watford 12d. Balanced accounts with John Fuller and paid him 3/- in full…

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