Wednesday, February 23 1757

In the morning went down to Mr French’s to inform him what I had done. Thomas Cornwell and Thomas Durrant watched the man all the morning. About 8:30 Mr Will Shoesmith and Mr Goad the Laughton overseers came and offered security for the child; viz, l8d a week and 40/- for the lying in. But our people; viz, Mr Porter, Mr French, Mr Vine and Jo Fuller, thought it proper to have the man before Mr Courthope before they took the security, thinking he might be persuaded to marry the girl, Mr Porter endeavering to persuade the man the justness of his so doing.

About 10:20 Mr French, Hyland and myself set out for Uckfield and when we came to Whyly, the man made some objection to going without a peace officer. We then sent for John Watford to go with us, who accordingly came. We then proceeded on our journey. We called at my mother’s but did not stay. When we came before Mr Courthope, he was that very worthy man as never to ask the man whether he liked to marry, nor so much as once to reprimand him for bringing so much trouble on both parishes, but told us we should send to Mr Shoesmith to let him be at Uckfield by tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock, and that we might leave the man in the care of our headborough till tomorrow (though he said the man must bear his own expense) and he would send the security by them. Spent 3d at the Maiden Head, and seeing Mr Thornton, he asked us to go to the King’s Head, which we did and spent 9d. In the meantime Master Watford, being loath (as I or anyone else should have been) to stay, went up to Mr Courthope and asked his consent to go home, who readily granted him the favor, provided he would see that the man was brought there again tomorrow.

As Mr French and I came home, we called at my mother’s but did not stay (Will Bennett being there). He also called at Whyly where was John Jones the Waldron overseer, who told us we should certainly have a certifcate with Elizabeth Day on Sunday next without fail. I came home about 6:10 where I found all the people at my house. I then sent down for Mr French, who came immediately and ordered them all down to Jones’s, we both going with them; but I did not stay, being at home and abed by 8:30. My family at home dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner, but as for myself, I dined not anywhere. I think it is as near doing as I would be done unto if I charge the parish 6/- for the people’s eating etc. at my house. In the evening wrote a note to Mr Shoesmith to be at Uckfield tomorrow by 10 o’clock and agreed to give John Hesman 6d for carrying it, which he immediately did. My brother came over in the evening for the mare but did not stay.i

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