Friday, March 4 1757

In the morning I continued making the poor book, Mr Elless helping me and breakfasting with us. At home all day making up the parish accounts. My wife at church; we dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. …This day Dame Vinal brought me a summons from Mr Courthope to appear before him tomorrow morning by 10 o’clock to show cause why we use the poor so hardly. In the evening we had a public vestry when it was agreed by the consent of the majority of the said vestry to make a poor rate for the relief of the poor at the rate of 3/6 to the pound. We charged 5/- to the parish account for money spent at Jones’s tonight, but not paid.

This day gave John Jones my note of hand for 2.4.9 for money spent at Jones’s on Hyland’s affair. The people at the vestry were: Jo and Thomas Fuller, Jo Durrant, William Piper, Jo Burgess, Jer. French, T. Turner, Peter Adams, John Cayley. This day paid John Cayley in cash 2/- for 1 year’s rent for Mrs Browne’s seat in the church.

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