Saturday, March 5 1757

In the morning went up and called Master Piper and then proceeded on our journey to Uckfield to meet Dame Vinal. We called at my mother’s, but did not stay. When we came before Mr George Courthope, I represented the truth of Dame Vinal’s affair to him and convinced him we were not hard to our poor, or at least not in this point as Dame Vinal went about. Mr Courthope reprimanded her very much for coming to him with such a heap of lies and told us he would grant her nothing unless we liked to give her daughter’s child a pair of shoes, which I assured I would. We spent at Uckfield 12d and gave Mr Courthope’s clerk 12d for his signing our poor book.

As we came home, we called and dined at my mother’s on some short bones broiled… As we came home, we called at Whyly. I stayed there and drank tea and came home about 4:20… In the evening went up to Joseph Fuller’s to inform him how I made out. Thomas Davy sat with us in the evening, to whom I read a part of Castalio and Julia. This day Mr Samuel Durrant of Waldron delivered a certificate to me for Elizabeth Day and Ann her daughter, signed the 4th instant by Nicholas Attwood, John Smith and John Jones, allowed the 5th of this instant by Luke Spence and John Bridger Esq and attested by Samuel and John Durrant.

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