Sunday, March 27 1757

My whole family at church in the morning… After churchtime there was a vestry to consult whether the parish should lend Richard Prall 2 guineas and also clothe his daughter up in order for her to go as an apprentice to a mantua-maker. But the people at the vestry came to no resolution. We dined on a piece of bacon boiled, a plum suet pudding, turnip greens and potatoes. In the afternoon our maid went to see Buxted Place. My wife and self and 2 boys at church in the afternoon… After churchtime my brother came over and also stayed and drank tea with us. Thomas Fuller Sr came in for me to write him a letter, which I did; and he stayed and smoked 2 pipes along with my brother. At home all day. Read 4 of Tillotson’s sermons and part of the New Whole Duty of Man.

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