Wednesday, March 9 1757

In the morning bought of Mr Fletcher a parcel of goods, and breakfasted at the White Horse in company with Mr Atree, Mr Fletcher, George Richardson, my brother and self. I called on Mr Madgwick, Mrs Roase, Mr Hook and Will Bennett. We dined at the White Horse on a leg of mutton boiled with caper sauce, potatoes, turnips and a plum bread pudding… After smoking a pipe or two after dinner my brother and I set off home where we arrived about 6:30, very sober. I paid Mrs Roase 11d for 1 m. [of] 2d hobs. Bought today as under:

1 pr muffitees0.0.4½
1 lamp0.1.0
Expenses this journey:
Gave the maid0.0.3
Spent on liquor etc.0.0.3¾
Paid reading a book0.0.3

My brother stayed at my house all night. Gave a soldier 12d on the parish account.

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