Saturday, April 23 1757

After I came away from Dicker’s, I walked in the Broyle until near 5 o’clock when I got out of it and went to Thomas Cushman’s and lay down on their bed till about 10:25. I arose and breakfasted with them and came away home. I called at Mr Samuel Gibb’s and dined on a knuckle of veal, a piece of pork and greens, my family at home dining on the remains of Sunday’s and Tuesday’s dinners with the addition of some boiled tripe.

I came sober about 3:35, and may I once more implore the most high God to give me grace to strengthen my weak resolutions that I may never again be guilty of this detestable sin. Oh! how doth the repetition of it make, as it were, my blood chill in my veins! I am quite distracted with anger at my own folly, but where can I run or go from the presence of a wounded conscience? But oh! may I once more strive never, no, never to be guilty of this vice! I think, as I find my brains so weak, I will never drink anything stronger than small beer or water. In the afternoon Mrs Fuller and her two daughters drank tea with us. I spent this journey, as near as I can recollect, about 4/6. Oh, cruel is my misfortune (that I cannot bear the least matter of liquor, that is).

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