Saturday, April 9 1757

In the morning my brother and myself walked over to Framfield where we arrived about 7.15, whence, after staying some time, and tying up some hatbands, and telling and taking an account of the gloves and breakfasting about 10:10, we set off in order to serve the funeral of Mr John Cornwell, at which house we arrived about 11 o’clock. We had served the funeral about 3:40 when we set out for Buxted Church and buried him. Mr John Cornwell was 77 years of age and a hearty man almost to the last, only afflicted with the stone. We gave away at the funeral 106 pairs of gloves and 8 hatbands. We came back to my mother’s about 6:20, where we dined on some beefsteaks. After staying some little time, my brother came home along with me. We went round by Mr Colgate’s and left 3 pairs of gloves, and called at Whyly but did not stay long. We came home about 9:50. My brother stayed all night… Mrs Vine and Bet Vine drank tea with my wife. In my absence my wife received of Thomas Osborne for poor tax 17/6…

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