Friday, May 20 1757

In the morning weeded part of my garden. Gave Mr Porter and Mr French 6d to a brief read last Sunday but collected from house to house… In the afternoon, Mr John Burgess called on us but did not stay. My mother’s servant came over in the afternoon for some hats and my servant went home with her for some crape for a gown for Dame Marchant.

Thomas Davy and Mr Francis Elless at our house in the evening. Mr Elless lodged at our house. This day went down to Mr Porter’s to inform them that the livery lace was not come. I think Mrs Porter treated me with as much imperious and scornful usage as had she been what I think she is; that is more of a Turk or infidel than a Christian, and I an abject slave. N.B.: If Mrs Porter is neither Turk nor infidel, I am sure her behavior is not Christian, or at least not like that of a clergyman’s wife.

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