Sunday, May 15 1757

In the morning I walked over to Framfield where I arrived about 7:10. I breakfasted at my mother’s. My wife, Sally, Moses and Philip went all to church in the forenoon, as did my cousin John Bennett, who this morning came for my sister. We dined at my mother’s on a roasted breast of veal. (Our servant at home dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner). While they were at church in the afternoon, my sister and cousin Bennet went home. My wife and I stayed and drank tea at my mother’s and myself, wife and the 2 boys came home about 7:30, where we found Thomas Davy, to whom I read 2 of Tillotson’s sermons. I this day received of my mother in cash 10.12.2 for the uses as under; viz.,

To send Messrs Cruttenden & Burgess10.0.0
for 3 hats0.7.6
for 4 lbs white wool0.3.4
for 2 lbs butter0.0.11
Do. 2 tumblers0.0.5

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