Monday, June 20 1757

This is my birthday and the day in which I enter into the twenty-ninth year of my age, and may I, as I grow in years, so-continue to increase in goodness that, as my exit must every day draw nearer, so may I every day become more enamored with the prospect and happiness of another world that I may be entirely dead to the follies and vanities of this transitory world.

We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner. In the afternoon I walked up to the common with an intent to see a cricket match played between an eleven of the Street quarter and an eleven of the Nursery quarter, but when I came there, they not having enough to play, I was constrained to play for one, which I did, and we had the good fortune to beat the Nursery eleven 72 runs. I went down to Jones’s with the rest of the gamesters and stayed till 11:15. I spent only my shilling as a gamester. George Richardson called on us in his road to Lewes, but did not tarry. Papered out part of a bag nails today.

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