Sunday, June 19 1757

In the morning George Richardson called on us in his road to Dallington. He breakfasted with us, and my wife and him and the 2 boys were at church in the morning. While they were at church, I and Joseph Fuller and Mr Stone went to the funeral of Master Goldsmith (I riding on a horse of Master Fuller’s) where I read the deceased’s will to the relations, by which will he constituted Mr Joseph Fuller and Mr Richard Stone sole executors, and gave to them all that was at his own disposal. I served the said funeral and save the following people gloves:

Women’s 2d chamois:

1Dame Kitchener9Dame Diplock
2Dame Gladman10Thomas Goldsmith’s wife
3Hannah Danell11Thomas Cornwell’s wife
4Mary Axell12Thomas Cornwell’s mother-in-law
5Sarah Price13Dame Inkpin
6Dame Butler14Mrs Starnes
7Sarah Welsh15Richard Goldsmith’s wife
8Mrs Gurr16John Goldsmith’s wife
17Richard Goldsmith’s wife

Men’s 2d chamois

1Master Kitchener19Will Starks
2Master Gladman20Thomas Diplock
3Master Butler21Thomas Dallaway
4Robert Jewhurst22Will Eldridge
5Master Price23John Fotter
6John Goldsmith24Edward Starnes
7Will Goldsmith25Barnaby Goldsmith
8Richard Goldsmith26Thomas Goldsmith
9The Rev Mr Hamlin27Will Goldsmith
10John Goldsmith28Thomas Cornwell
11Will Gurr29John Goldsmith
12Richard Goldsmith30John Goldsmith
13Will Inkpin31John Vine Jr
14John Jenner32Will Piper
15John Watford Sr    33Joseph Durrant
16John Watford Jr34The Rev Mr Shenton
17Thomas Tester35Thomas Turner
18John Streeter36John Westgate

In all 53 pairs men’s and women’s gloves. About 1:20 we set out from the house; viz., from Master Gladman’s. I rode home and left my horse and walked with the corpse to Waldron where we arrived about 3:10 just as the people were gone to church. We had a funeral sermon preached by the Rev Mr Hamlin from Job 5:7: “Man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward.” I came home about 6 o’clock in company with Thomas Davy and Thomas Dallaway. George Richardson stayed and dined with my family on a leg of mutton boiled, cauliflower and a currant rice pudding, and went away immediately after dinner. I dined on the remains of the above when I came home.

My whole family at church in the afternoon. Thomas Davy drank tea with us, and to whom I read 5 of Tillotson’s sermons… N.B.: I think this to have been the merriest funeral that ever I served, for I can safely say there was no crying.

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