Sunday, June 5 1757

My whole family at church this morning; viz., myself, wife, maid and two boys. There was a brief read for damage done to corn, grass and hops etc. in some parts of the county of Kent and Sussex by a violent storm of thunder, hail etc. on the 7th of July last, which damage in the county of Kent is estimated (by the brief) to amount to upwards of £1[??]00 and the damage in Sussex to upwards of £1[??]0; so that the [???] sustained being so great, the [??] brief is to be [??], collected from house to house… We dined on a knuckle of veal, a piece of pork boiled, with a gooseberry pudding. My whole family at church in the afternoon… At home all day. Read of Tillotson’s sermons.

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