Tuesday, June 28 1757

In the morning Mr Sam Beckett the carrier made me a present of some mackerel… We dined on the remains of Sunday’s dinner with the addition of some fried eels. This day I was to give my answer in to Honest Joseph Fuller about having the horse, for provided I had him not today, I should not have him tomorrow under 11.11.0. So in the morning I had concluded to have the horse, but in the evening, instead of the horse, I bought a young colt of him at about 30 percent too much. It is a gelding, about 3 years old, 12 hands 3 inches high, never ridden, and for which I gave him. 5.6.0.

In the evening went to Croxted to see Mr Chatfield’s wool for my mother, but they were not at home. Thomas Davy at our house in the evening, to whom I read part of Locke on Education.

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