Friday, July 15 1757

At home all day. We dined on some beans, a bread pudding and the remains of yesterday’s dinner. In reading in The Universal Magazine for June, I find the following, which I have copied word for word:

“June 25 The word [“] without [“] is properly to be regarded. A Paper intitled Meditations for every Hour in the day is now very Public; and is intitled the true state of a Nation in Europe in the year 1757

Supreme MajestyPower
Parading FleetsFighting
Great ArmiesUse
The Common PeopleMoney
The PoorBread

N.B.: The Introduction of the word WITHOUT is necessary to the reader’s information.”… Rec’d of Mr Sam Beckett the 5.8.0 I gave him the 12th instant, he not having paid it in London for me…

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