Friday, July 8 1757

After breakfast my brother, self and nephew walked over to Framfield. We called at Mr Peckham’s as we went to Framfield and bought his wool for my mother at 21/- per tod. We got to my mother’s about 11:10 and dined with her on some green peas, a piece of pork, some cold mutton and cold plain butter pond pudding. After dinner my brother and I walked down to Mr Smith’s at Hempstead to look upon his wool, but it was not come home. We stayed and drank a bottle of cider with him. We came back and drank tea at my mother’s…

Thomas Davy at our house in the evening, to whom I read part of the London Magazine for June, wherein I find the charge of the gold boxes and writing and ornamenting the freedom of the City of London, which was by them presented to Mr Fitt and Mr [P]egge, cost 251.13.0. The freedom was written by Mr Joseph Champion and ornamented by Mr Charles Gardiner.

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