Friday, August 12 1757

In the morning went down to Halland with my, bill and delivered to Mr John Greening one bill from the 8 September, 1755 to [this day, amounting to] 60.1.6, for which sum I received of Mr John Greening in silver 18d and a bill… in full of all demands due to me from his Grace the Duke of Newcastle to this day.

We dined on a bullock’s heart pudding, a piece of pork and carrots This day being the first race-day at Lewes, about 4:25 my sister Ann Slater and I (upon a horse borrowed of Mr French) rode to Lewes where we arrived just as the people came from the hill. We went in to see the ball, which, in my opinion, was an extreme pretty sight. I went down and smoked one pipe with Mr George Verral in company with my brother Moses and Will Bennett. My sister and I came home about 2 o’clock… This day the King’s Plate of £100 was run for on Lewes Hill by Mr Warren’s horse Careless and Mr Rogers’s horse Newcastle Jack. It was won by Careless, the other being drawn after the first heat. ‘Tis said there were £100 laid by the grooms that Careless beat the other six-score yards, which he did. My wife in my absence today paid Mr Sam Beckett, carrier, 12/6…

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