Saturday, August 6 1757

Paid Joseph Fuller Jr 2/11½ for 1 shoulder veal, weight 9½ lbs at 3d, and 1 loin of lamb, 2 lbs at 3½d, both which I received today. We dined on the loin of lamb roasted in the oven with a batter pudding under it. In the afternoon my brother went to Lewes, and I paid him, in cash 2/3½ for money he paid there for me; viz.,

To 1 pair stirrup irons0.1.6
To 6 mustard pot0.0.7
To turnpike0.0.2½

Down at Halland today 6 times. This day the Duke of Newcastle came to Halland. In the day read part of the supplement to The Universal Magazine. Mrs Roase sent us by my brother 2 fine plaice.

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