Friday, September 16 1757

In the morning my brother came over and breakfasted with us. After breakfast my wife and I set out for Pevensey where we arrived about 11:05 to consult Mr Breeden about hiring a shop at Ninfield in this county. My reason for being so anxious to leave this shop is its being an extreme dear rent; viz., £8 per year, and so very bad in repair that my goods sustain a great deal of damage thereby. And though I mention but £8 per year, the rent, I am obliged to hire a stable, warehouse, cellar, and 2 seats in the church. And I observe that almost all the people in the parish seem to be growing poor and are so long to pay that no tradesman I am assured can bear it, for even the best will, not pay above once a year. Then living so near friends is I think a very great disadvantage, though I should be willing to lend them all the assistance that is in my power and help them in anything that I can. But they seem to study nothing but self-interest, or if they have no design to take advantage, it turns out very much to my disadvantage. Whether it is with a premeditated design I cannot tell, but I must rather think from a natural covetous disposition and want of proper thought. Another motive, which I think none of the least, is I shall never be able to get in my debts so long as I tarry at this place. We dined at Mr Breeden’s on some mutton chaps, a piece of cold beef, a cold currant butter pudding, cucumbers and pickles. My family at home dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with the addition of a butter pudding cake. We stayed and drank tea at Mr Breeden’s and came home about 8:50. I spent 14d today as under:

Gave their servant0.1.0

My brother stayed all night.

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