Tuesday, September 20 1757

Paid Joseph Fuller by Richard 6/4½ in full for 1 pocket of hops received today; that is, 8½ lbs at 9d. We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with the addition of a light pudding buttered and some duck’s giblets stewed. After dinner Master Hook and I went to Lewes together in order to carry 1 piece of Irish for Mr Scrase and 6 lbs of tobacco for Mrs Stemp, and also to get the money Mr Hook owes me for the butter I bought for him last year. Now I bought him this butter purely to serve him, and this is the manner in which he requites me! We got to Lewes about 4:45. I called and drank tea at Mr Hook’s, but could get no money. I called on Will Bennett, Thomas Scrase, and Mr John Magwick. Rec’d of Mrs Stemp the 7/- for the 6 lbs of tobacco carried today. Left the Irish at Mr Thomas Scrase’s. We came home about 10:39. I spent 6½d today (though I never, ate or drank–only some tea and bread and butter)… Mrs Piper and her maid drank tea with my wife in my absence. Advertised Mrs Virgoe’s house to be let, but did not pay Mr Lee [publisher of the Sussex Weekly Advertizer or Lewes Journal]

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