Wednesday, September 14 1757

In the morning Mr Burgess and myself went down to Bean’s at Whitesmith with about 20 bushels of pears, of which I had made 50 gallons of perry, which at 1d a gallon amounts to 4/2, but having no silver, I could not pay Mr Bean. I also received of Mr Bull 3 plugs, 3d. My family dined on the remains of yesterday’s diner (myself not eating anything till after I came back).

Mr Burgess, in gratitude for favors he says I have conferred on him, gave me the carriage of the pears… Paid Mr Henry Weller 12d for cleaning my watch. My wife and I spent the evening at Mrs Weller’s in company with Mr Henry Weller and his wife, of Bourne, and James Marchant. We supped there; we played at cards, and my wife and myself, contrary to custom, won 3½d. Bought 5 whiting for 2½d.

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