Saturday, October 15 1757

In the forenoon papered out a bag of 6d nails. Mr Robert Nixon and Mr Thomas Stevenson called on me, but I gave neither of them any orders… This day received a letter by the post from Mr Hodges the keeper of the new state lottery office in Cornhill that No. 66612, being the ticket which belongs to Mrs Atkins, and one of the tickets which, Mrs Atkins and my wife went partners in, was drawn a blank on the 12th instant. I also received a letter from J. Hazard’s, lottery office that the ticket No. 38567 which I registered for Master Hook was drawn a blank the 11th instant.

Thomas Davy at our house in the evening, to whom, and before he came in, I read 2 of Tillotson’s sermons. At home all day. A-sawing of wood in the afternoon. In the day read part of the 5th volume of the Medical Essays and Observations, by a society at Edinburgh.

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