Thursday, October 20 1757

At home all day. In the morning my brother came over for the mare to go to Rotherfield Fair upon, but did not stay. We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with the addition of some boiled bream. Paid Halland gardener in cash 0.5.7; viz.,

To cucumbers sold for him0.3.0
To pears do.0.0.3
To apples do.0.0.8
To money borrowed0.0.4
To 1 bushel pears rec’d today0.1.4

I received of him 3/- on account afterwards. Received of Mr William Piper 1 bushel pale malt and one bushel brown do. In the evening read 2 of Tillotson’s sermons. Very ill with a cold all day. In the day read part of the 5th volume of Medical Essays and Observations.

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