Tuesday, October 25 1757

In the morning about 2 o’clock Mr French called me to go and take up Parkes, upon which I arose. We called Thomas Fuller Jr and all set out together on our intended journey. We called and stayed at Martin’s at the Broyle Gate about one hour. The reason of our calling was to know where their headborough lived; who, he informed us, was one Nicholas Pocock, upon which we went forward on our expedition. We called up the headborough and then proceeded to the house of Mr Will Barnett (where Parkes lived) where we arrived about 5:40. The people of the house being just up, we went in and found the man sitting by the fire, whom we took without any resistance; we brought him back to Martin’s. After staying about 15 minutes, and the man declaring he was willing to marry the girl, Thomas Fuller and I went with him to Lewes to take out a license (Mr French going home on foot to get the bride for the celebration of the nuptials).

We got to Lewes about 7:15 and breakfasted at the White Horse and took out a license, I being bondsman for the poor creature. We came back just by 11 o’clock, immediately repaired to church and Mr Porter married them in Mr French’s, the clerk’s and my presence, I being what is commonly called “father”. Mr French and I both signed the register book as witnesses to the said marriage. Then the man, John Durrant and myself set out on foot for Uckfield for the man to swear his, parish (Thomas Prall going on horseback to get the order signed). When we came to Uckfield, the man swore himself upon the parish of Hellingly. Finding Mr Bridger to be at Mr Courthope’s, we sent T. Prall home to carry the woman to Hellingly, we proposing to come after on foot. We accordingly took out an order and got it signed by Mr Courthope and Mr Bridger, we then making the best of our way home, though when we got there we did not stay above 10 minutes. We set forward for Hellingly (Thomas Prall and the bride being gone before). When we came to Horsebridge, we found the nearest parish officer lived at the Dicker, upon which we went on till we came to the churchwarden’s house, whose name was John Acton, and to whom I delivered them both, about 8 o’clock, with a true copy of our order, in the presence of Thomas Prall and John Durrant. I came home about 9:05, and I think made a good day’s work of it.

In my absence my brothers John and Moses came to see me, and they dined with my wife on the remains of yesterday’s dinner and some boiled whiting (myself dining, or rather supping, on a scrag end of a neck of mutton boiled, when I came home). They both stayed and drank tea with my wife, as did Dame Henly and husband. My wife received of Will Henly in cash 1.1.2 and paid 4d for 10 whiting she bought today. I spent on the parish account today as under:

At Martin’s0.2.10½
At Lewes for eating, horses etc.0.3.3
The license1.6.0
Paid Mr Porter0.10.6
Do. the clerk0.2.6
Spent at Uckfield0.2.1
Spent at Horsebridge0.0.8½
The order and signing0.5.0
Paid John Durrant0.1.6
Paid Thomas Prall0.2.0
Liquor etc. at my house0.1.6

My brothers went home about 6:20. My wife very busy at home all day. My wife paid for 1 lb mutton 3d. My wife gave some women with a pass 12d.

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