Tuesday, October 4 1757

In the morning my brother and I arose and bought a parcel of goods of Mr Fletcher and breakfasted with him at the White Horse. I gave him in cash 1.6.0 and by a bill… the sum of 41.6.0 in full of all demands due to Mr Ridings til1 the parcel bought today. I spent and paid at Lewes today as under:

[Paid] for one loaf of bread brought home
with me
Bought 7 large plaice0.0.6
Do. 1 basket 3d0.0.3
Do ½ hundred needles for James Marchant0.1.0
Paid Mr Will Kemp for a silver seal, the 2 initials of my name ciphered on it0.7.0
Do. Mr Henry Scrase for 6 yds cotton bought
Do 2 1bs gunpowder0.3.0
Paid Mr Lee for advertising Mrs Virgoe’s house to be let0.3.6
Spent also on Mrs Virgoe’s account in treating with Mr Lee to let him same, but did not0.0.7
Spent on my account, my half bed  0.0.3
Gave the maid0.0.3
Spent    0.0.2

My brother and Mr Will Bennett came home with me and dined with me on a cold beef pie, and some apple-pie… After staying about an hour, we all three walked over to Framfield and drank tea at my mother’s; I stayed there till near 6 o’clock. Then my brother came and brought me going on my way home as far as Durrants’, but would not walk in with me by reason he could not tarry all night… My wife in my absence paid Mr Piper and Mr French 7/6 in full for window tax.

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