Wednesday, October 12 1757

My brother stayed and breakfasted with us and then went home. In the forenoon Mr Jeremiah French and Mr Joseph Fuller came and informed me that Robert Durrant was in the custody of the parish officers of Waldron on account that Elizabeth Day, belonging to Waldron, but a certificate person to this parish, being big with child, has sworn it upon Robert Durrant. They accordingly desired Mr Burgess and I would go and give the officers security on account of this parish in behalf of the man, and we both accordingly went. When we came there the man was so ill that he could not go before a Justice, and they seemed not willing to take anything less than an indemnifying bond; so I came back again to consult the people of this parish (leaving Mr Burgess there). It was agreed I should go and ask Mr Courthope the most they could oblige us to pay per week, which I accordingly did. But when I came to Uckfield, Mr Courthope was not at home; so I could have no advice from him.

After that, staying at Uckfield and getting some mutton chaps (having had no dinner), I went to Waldron again where, to my great surprise, I found Mr French, Mr Piper and Thomas Fuller come to treat with the officers. They then offered to take our bond for 15d per week for the maintenance of the child and 40/- for her, lying-in, but Mr French was obstinate and would not permit us to give above 12d per week and insisted for it to be left for Mr George Courthope to decide. Mr Burgess and I accordingly gave Mr Nicholas Attwood our note of hand to forfeit £20 if we do not meet him or some other of their parish officers on Monday next at Uckfield in order to have Mr Courthope’s determination, and if he will not determinate it, then to deliver them up the body of Robert Durrant again. I came home, but wet enough, about 10:15, and very sober. Spent this day on the parish account 23½d; viz.,

At Waldron0.0.6
At Uckfield, my chaps and bread0.0.6
½ pint wine0.0.6
Turnpike and oats0.0.4½

Paid for 10 whiting 6d. My family at home today in my absence dined on some cold meat pie and some fried whiting…

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