Friday, November 4 1757

About 11:05 I set out for Lewes with Mrs Virgoe (Thomas Prall carrying her) in order to endeavor to procure Mrs Medley’s custom to be continued to her shop, but Mrs Medley not being in town and Mrs Virgoe being persuaded by Mr George Verral not to attempt it, we did not endeavor at it any farther. I paid Mr George Verral 2.12.0 in full on mine and my mother’s account; viz., 1.6.0 on each account; so that I have now 6/- of my mother’s in my hands. Rec’d of Mr Verral in cash 2.9.6, which I am to pay Mrs Hannah Atkins… Paid Mr Faulkner Bristow 2.0.6 in full.

We drank tea at Mr George Verral’s (but dined not anywhere). We came home about 9:15, though I cannot say quite sober, but I was very far from being drunk. I paid Mrs Atkins the 2.9.6 I received of Mr Verral today. My family at home in my absence dined on the remains of Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and yesterday’s dinners. Paid 2d today for 1 1b of tripe, upon which I dined or more rather supped after I came home. Mrs Weller’s family drank tea with my wife in my absence. I spent as under today, and as I went to Lewes on Mrs Virgoe’s account I believe I shall charge the same to her:

Spent a-treating with Mr Lee at the White Horse0.0.6
Spent at the Cats0.1.0
Do. horse and ostler0.0.3

In the morning busy a-sawing of wood.

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