Sunday, November 6 1757

My whole family at church in the morning. We had a brief read for the parish church of Wallazea in the, county of Chester, amounting to the sum of £1040 and upwards. I collected upon the said brief 19d, and 1d I gave myself, which makes collected in the whole 20d. We dined on a piece of boiled beef, turnips and a currant pond pudding. Robert Diggens came in just before churchtime and went with us to church and went away immediately afterward. After churchtime this afternoon I went into Mr Porter’s and signed the brief. My whole family at church in the afternoon…

At home all day. In the evening and the day read four of Tillotson’s sermons. This day and in the night there has been a great deal of rain, which is the first appearance we have had of winter in regard to the weather, for the roads till now have been almost as good as in summer, the dust at most places streaming as in the summer months; so that has been the finest season for the farmer to sow in as I believe was ever known.

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