Thursday, October 27 1757

Very busy all the day. We dined on piece of beef boiled, a light pudding, turnips and cauliflower. In the evening one Elizabeth Blackman came to us with an order from the justices of the town and port of Seaford, but as she came of herself and was not brought by any parish officer, neither was her examination upon oath, we did not receive her (on account we were not obliged to it). Mr Burgess and I went and informed Mr French and Mr Coates of what we had done, who acquiesced in what we had done. Robert Hook, Thomas Davy and myself in the evening went and asked Osborne’s servant to swear her parish tomorrow, which she agreed to. We then went to ask Anne Jeffrey the same, but she protested she would not. Thomas Davy and I played at cribbage in the evening, but I neither won nor lost.

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