Monday, November 21 1757

In the morning wrote the following petition for Mrs Virgoe, which Mr Porter composed:

“Madam I humbly hope your goodness will excuse my boldness in presuming to trouble you with this. My late Husband Isaac Virgoe had the honour to serve you as a butcher but he dying about five years past left me a widow with two small Children in distressed circumstances. He left only the House we lived in to support us and that deeply Mortgag’d. John Fuller hire’d this House and Shop of me and you have been so kind as to continue your custom to him. But he has lately left my House and Shop and shut it up, by which means all custom is stop’d from it, A Brother of Mr Fullers has offered to hire this House of me if you will be so kind as to let him have part of your Custom, He is a very sober and diligent young man and will do his utmost to oblige you this is the favor I humbly beg of you which if you will please to grant I shall have the usual rent of my House to support me and my little ones and you will save us from the greatest distress, and this your great kindness to me shall ever be gratefully acknowledg’d by your Most dutiful Servant Mary Virgoe

To Mrs Medley”

At home all day. We dined on a piece of neck of beef stewed, a piece of pork boiled and a plain suet pudding and turnips. Rec’d of Mary Shoesmith 13d on account. Indifferently busy. My brother came over in the afternoon, but did not stay. In the evening wrote my London letters. The latter part of the evening Thomas Davy at our house, to whom I read of 4 of Tillotson’s sermons.

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