Tuesday, November29 1757

Paid Joseph Fuller 4½d in full for 1½ lbs mutton received today. Rec’d of Mr Joseph Burgess 2.7.6 in full for that part of the bill I sent to Mr James Burfield yesterday, which was Dame Burrage’s rent. This day sent (by the man that rode with the orders for Mr Beckett, carrier) to Messrs Margesson and Collison, in a small parcel with a stocking, the bill I received of Mr Porter yesterday on Swainstone and Hedges, value 10.9.8, and the bill I received by my brother the 25th instant from Mr John Smith on Mr John Thomson, value £20, which bills together make the sum of 30.9.8… We dined on the remains of Sunday’s and yesterday’s dinner with the addition of a scrag end of a neck of mutton boiled. Balanced accounts with Richard Page and received of him 5/- in full; viz.,

Richard Page Dr.
To goods etc. at sundry times2.7.5¾
Per Contra Cr.
Rec’d by bringing me 5 tun salt in the years 1756 and 17571.10.0
Rec’d by carriage of 2 chaldron of coal etc.0.12.5¾
To cash received today0.5.0

At home all day. In the evening posted the parish account and received of Mr Burgess 19/- which I have paid this year for him; viz., for men with passes, wheat the first week after Easter, 12d paid Mary Vinal the 1st week after Easter, 14d spent with going to Uckfield with Braizer and 23½d spent at Waldron. Thomas Davy at our house in the evening, to whom I read part of Sherlock on death.

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