Monday, December 19 1757

Paid the Rev Mr Thomas Porter in cash 4.9.8, which with the £6 paid him the 11th instant makes together the sum of 10.9.8, which is in full for the bill I received of him the 28th November on Messrs Swainstone and Hedges, and which I then gave him my note of hand for, but have now taken it up, Paid Joseph Fuller 9d for the 2 bullock’s kidneys I received on Saturday, and for 2 lbs skirts I received by him today. Fanny Weller a-ironing for us all day. We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with the addition of a skirt pudding, turnips and potatoes… In the afternoon my brother came over and I sent my mother by him one bill on Messrs Margesson and Collison… but I have not as yet received any money from my mother on the said bill.

At home all day. Master Piper and his wife drank tea with us. Paid Fanny Weller 9d for today’s work and half the day on Saturday. My wife continues very ill–I mean lame. In the evening wrote my London letters.