Thursday, December 8 1757

…My brother Moses came over just as we were a-going to dinner and dined with us on the remains of Tuesday’s and yesterday’s dinners with the addition of some boiled trout and some cold rice pie. He stayed and drank tea with us. My wife continues very lame with her leg. Oh, the misfortunes that attend me! But still they are small to what we deserve, considering the many animosities that have subsisted amongst us since I have been married. And many doubtless, ah, too, too many have the faults been that I have committed, though many and great are the difficulties I labor under. But yet why, why should I palliate my own transgressions by laying them on other people, though sure I and my friends have all contributed to forward my ruin. The ill usage and unjust treatment I think I may say I have received has been great, but then how silly and thoughtless as a Christian (if I deserve that name) have I been to mind it and to make it turn out so much to my disadvantage. But I heartily forgive it all, hoping for the same of the great Disposer of all events. In the evening read part of Sherlock on judgment.

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