Monday, January 2 1758

In the morning I sent John Streeter [by the post to Mr Sam Durrant in Lewes in cash £46 in order for him to send me a bill for the said sum.] We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with the addition of some apple fritters. Sent over to my mother by Mr French’s servant boy for her to lend me £10, which she sent by him… I received by the post from Mr Sam Durrant (in lieu of the [???] I sent today) one bill on Sir Joseph [H]ankey and partners, payable to me or order, dated the 31st ult., 21 days’ date, No.1620, value £46. This day lent Mr Jeremiah French in cash £12, for which he gave me his note of hand, payable to me or bearer on demand. Rec’d of Mr Joseph Burgess the 2/- I paid Dame Brill for him the 26th ult.

In the evening wrote my London letters. Master Overing of Chiddingly being at work a-[??] my windows, he dined with us. Joseph [Fu]ller [and Thomas?] Davy at our house in the evening and stayed and smoke a pipe with me. At home all day and busy. A very remarkable cold sharp frosty day, and in the evening and the night there fell a great quantity of rain.

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