Thursday, January 5 1758

Rec’d of Joseph Fuller 2 stone, 3 lbs beef, 4/9. In the forenoon I went down to John Watford’s to borrow his horse to carry my wife to see Thomas Fuller. Thomas Davy dined at our house on the remains of Sunday’s dinner with the addition of some pear pie and potatoes. After dinner Thomas Davy carried my wife up to Thomas Fuller’s. Rec’d of Mrs Atkins (by her servant Anne Vine) 0.12.1½ in full…

About 6 o’clock in the evening I walked up to Mr Thomas Fuller’s in order to spend the evening there, where my wife and I supped (in company with Mr Will Piper and his wife and brother, Mr John Vine Jr and Mr French and his wife) on a buttock of beef boiled, a hind quarter of venison roasted, two raisin suet puddings, turnips, potatoes, gravy sauce, pickles etc. We played at brag, and my wife and I (though contrary to custom) won 4½d. It being a very wet night (and indeed it was one continued day and night of rain), we stayed till near 7 o’clock in the morning when Mr Thomas Fuller brought home my wife, and we all broke up, and that very sober. My wife and self gave Mr Fuller’s servant 6d each.

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