Wednesday, January 4 1758

At home all morning. Master Overing, being at work a-mending my windows, dined with us on the remains of yesterday’s dinner with the addition of a light pudding and turnips. In the afternoon James Marchant and I walked over to Framfield in order to get some blue cloth of my mother for a coat for Master Richard Porter, by Mr Coates’s order. We stayed at Framfield about an hour and came home about 5:20. In the evening went down to Mr Porter’s and balanced accounts with him; there remains due to me the 1st instant the sum of 7.17.0, for which Mr Porter gave me his note of hand… I also took up my note of hand value 37.13.6 which I gave Mr Porter 3rd ult., being for the same sum paid by the widow Wright to Messrs Margesson and Collinson (by Mr Porter’s order) on my account… I gave Mr Porter a receipt, dated today, in full of all demands to the 31st ult. Inclusive. After we had balanced accounts, I paid Mr Porter 5/- for his visitation dinner. I stayed and drank a bottle of cider with Mr Porter and came home about 9 o’clock. After I came home, my wife and I both cast my book over again and found it right as Mr Porter and I had settled it excepting a mistake of one half-penny to my prejudice.

This day the son of John Browne, an infant of about 3 months, was buried. Oh, what pleasure would it be it be to me were there a good understanding between my mother and self, but why do I say myself, when I am assure if I know my own heart, that I am so far from having any ill against her that I have almost undone myself to serve her. Now this assertion is no more than what every unprejudiced person must allow were they thoroughly acquainted with the whole state of our affairs. But the reason of my mentioning this in so abrupt a manner was the seeming distant behavior with which my mother treated me today, seeming so mistrustful that I should cheat her. She even appeared almost to be loath to trust me with a few remnants of cloth for fear I should cut a nail or 2 more than I should inform her of. I will stop the progress of my pen and thoughts and only conclude with saying and thinking she is my mother. Dr Stone paid my wife a visit and, cut her an issue.

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