Monday, January 30 1758

My wife at church in the morning (this being the martyrdom of King Charles the 1st). Mary Heath a-washing for us half the day. She dined with us on a piece of boiled beef, Savoy greens and the remains of yesterday’s dinner. My brother Moses came over in the afternoon and brought me a present of a bantam cock and pullet. He also brought me from my mother in cash £12 in lieu of which I gave him a bill… I gave Mr Jeremiah French cash for the following bill, value No. 323 dated December 20, 1757 payable to Stephen Fuller Esq or order on demand for Francis Child Esq & Co., signed: Thomas Devon.

Very busy all day. About 3:20 Master Piper sent his servant and a horse for my wife, who accordingly went. My brother stayed till about 5:30. In the evening wrote my London letters and also one for Mr Thomas Fuller. After I had done writing my London letters, being near 8:40, I walked up to Mr Piper’s, where I supped (in company with Mr French, Thomas Fuller, his wife, son, daughter, my wife and Piper’s family) on a sparerib roasted, a leg of pork boiled, a currant pond pudding, apple-sauce and parsnips. We played at brag till 12 o’clock; my wife and I won 3½d. We came home about 12:30, Mr Piper’s servant bringing my wife home. My wife gave the maid 6d and I gave the man 6d. But sure of all the houses I was ever at, I never saw a more stingy, I may say, mean-spirited old man than Mr Piper. And as for his wife, she deserves more to be pitied than blamed, being a good-natured, poor, harmless, ignorant, inoffensive creature. Paid my brother today in cash and 7 coffin letters 2/5 for 2 dozen and 9 yellow basket butts. My wife’s leg extreme bad all day.

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