Sunday, January 29 1758

Myself, two boys and servant at church the morning… We had a proclamation read today for the holding a general fast throughout England, the Dominion of Wales and Town of Berwick-upon-Tweed on Friday the 17th February next, in order for our humiliation and confession of sins to Almighty God, to implore his blessing and protection on our fleets and armies. We dined on a giblet and a plain suet pudding, Jerusalem artichokes and turnips. Myself, two boys and servant at church in the afternoon…

After churchtime Mr Piper came in to invite my wife and self to come and sup with him tomorrow night. Mr Thomas Fuller also came in to ask me to write a letter for him tomorrow. They stayed and smoked one pipe and then went away. In the evening and in the day read part of the New Whole duty of Man.

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