Thursday, February 2 1758

In the forenoon our servant went over to Framfield. We dined on the goose given us by Mr French roasted, and some apple-sauce… Paid the two Mr Fieldcoxes of Battle 3.1.0 for the pattens and clogs [and creepers] received by them today… About 3:30 Joseph Fuller Jr came with a horse to carry my wife to their house, who accordingly went.

This afternoon Mr Burgess brought me a warrant from George Courthope Esq to bring Mary Hubbard, the late servant to Thomas Osborne, before him or some other justice in order for her to swear the father of the child of which she has been delivered of about a month.

About 6:30 I walked up to Mr Joseph Fuller’s, where my wife and I supped (in company with Mr French and his wife, Mr Calverley, Molly, John and Sam French, Joseph Durrant and his wife and all Mr Fuller’s own family) on a piece of cold roast beef, a cold giblet pasty, some cold roast goose, some cold neat’s tongue, cold apple pasty and bread and cheese. We played at brag; my wife and I won 3½d. We stayed and spent the evening with a great deal of mirth till between 1 and 2 o’clock. Thomas Fuller brought my wife home upon his back. I cannot say that I came home sober, though I was far from being bad company, for I think we spent this evening with a great deal of pleasure.

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