Tuesday, February 28 1758

In the morning about 8:10 Thomas Davy, and I set out for Lewes on foot, I in order to let part of the widow Virgoe’s house, and he for company. I called at Luke Spence Esq’s and got a summons to oblige Henry Osborne and John Browne to appear before him or some other justice to be examined touching their last legal settlement. I treated with the widow Beard for part of Mrs Virgoe’s house, which part I offered her for £8 per year, and she agreed to take time to deliberate upon it and give Mrs Virgoe a further answer.

I dined at the White Horse on a neck of mutton stewed, some sausages, hog’s tongue, some cheek, apple pudding and turnips… I called on Mr Madgwick, Mrs Roase and Mr T. Scrase. I received of Mr Scrase 1.13.6. We came home thank God very safe and sober about 5:50, but I think never more fatigued. Mr Withington, Messrs Bancroft and Nixon’s rider, and my brother Moses called on me in my absence. I spent this day as under on the parish account:

The summons0.1.0

On Mrs Virgoe’s account spent 0.1.0.

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