Wednesday, February 15 1758

In the morning busy in my shop. We dined on the remains of Monday’s supper with the addition of some potatoes and cold beef pie. In the afternoon my brother and cousin Thomas Ovendean came to see me and stayed I believe near two hours.

Mrs French, Joseph Fuller and his wife, Dame Durrant, Mr Calverley and Sam French drank tea with us and stayed and spent the evening with us. We played at brag (my wife and I won 1d) in company with Mr French and Joseph Durrant. They all supped with us on a piece of boiled salt fish, 2 rabbits in a pasty cold, a cold baked rice pudding, an apple and gooseberry pie, egg sauce and parsnips. They stayed and spent the evening with us till near one o’clock, and then we parted all sober and, I hope, after spending the evening agreeable, for I am sure it was so to me.

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