Thursday, March 2 1758

In the morning about 7:10 I set out on Mr Piper’s horse for Uckfield. I called at John Browne’s and breakfasted and also took him along with me. After we had been at Uckfield about 15 minutes, Master Hook and Henry Osborne came there to me. We then proceeded to Mr Courthope’s in order for Browne and Osborne to swear their parishes. Upon the examination of Henry Osborne it appeared that he belonged to the parish of St Mary Westout in the Borough of Lewes in the County of Sussex, and Mr Courthope accordingly granted me an order to remove him and Hannah his wife to the said parish. Upon examination of John Browne it appeared he belonged to the Parish of Brede in this county, but he at the same time affirmed that he had hired £10 a year in this parish, which he should enter upon at Lady Day next; so Mr Courthope thought it would be needless to have an order. We dined at the Maiden Head on some bread and cheese… I called at John Browne’s as I came home, and stayed 15 minutes. I came home about 4:10. I

n the evening Mr Burgess and I were down at Mr Porter’s, when he drew up a petition to be signed by the inhabitants of this parish to forfeit £20 each if they employed John Browne any more unless he got a certificate. I spent today on the parish account as under:

To the examination of Henry Osborne and John Browne and the order             0.4.0
Spent etc.0.3.10

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