Thursday, April 6 1758

In the morning sent by the post (that is, John Streeter) to Mr George Richardson in cash £10; viz.,

1236/- pieces21.12.0
127/- piece1.7.0

in order for him to set for me of Mr Sam Durrant one bill of the same value and to endorse it with my name and also to enclose it in a letter to Messrs Margesson and Collison. This letter I sent to Mr Richardson, along with the cash, open and unsealed.

Mary Heath a-brewing for us all day. We dined on a piece of beef boiled, an apple and a plain batter pudding and turnip greens. Rec’d back by the post a note from Mr George Richardson that he would take care of my money. Just as we were a-going to drink tea, my father and Fanny Slater came in, who drank tea with us, in company with Dame and Sarah Mott.

In the first part of the evening, down at Mr Porter’s. My father Slater spent the evening at our house. Paid Mary Heath 9d for brewing. Very busy all day. Some very Sharp storms of snow and hail. N.B.: The reason of my going down to Mr Porter’s was that Mr Porter sent for me to inform me that he had just received a letter from a gentleman at Brede, whom he wrote to some time since for a certificate for John Browne, wherein he was informed that the parish would not grant him a certificate till they had first seen him, on account that he was at Brede but the 25th ult., when he spoke nothing of it to any of the officers of the said parish.

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