Monday. May 8 1758

About 4 o’clock in the morning Thomas Fuller called me and we walked down to John Browne’s in order to have him to Lewes to swear his parish. We called him up, and as he appeared very willing to go, I left Master Fuller and him to walk to Lewes together and came away home about 5:20. In the forenoon I was sent for down to Laughton pound. We dined on the remains of yesterday’s dinner, and as soon as I had dined, I walked down to Laughton pound where I drew up a general release from Thomas Cornwell and Elizabeth his wife, and Will and Sarah Goldsmith of the parish of Waldron, William Gurrs and Anne his wife of the parish of Laughton and Will Butler Jr of the parish of Chalvington, to John Goldsmith of the parish of Laughton The same was witnessed by Joseph Fuller and myself. They gave me 2/6 for my trouble. I came home about 6:50 in company with Joseph Fuller and Will Goldsmith, but I must not say sober. In the forenoon busy a-gardening.

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