Monday, May 29 1758

In the morning sent Mr Sam Durrant in Lewes (by the post John Streeter) in cash £26 in order for him to send me a bill for the same sum in lieu thereof; viz.,

5 thirty-six shilling pieces9.0.0
1 twenty-seven do. 1.7.0
8 guineas8.8.0
6 half-guineas3.3.0
1 four and sixpence0.4.6
11 half crowns1.7.6
43 shilllings2.3.0
14 sixpences0.7.0

At work in my garden part of the forenoon. Paid Mr Thomas Goldsmith 12d in full for carriage of roods from Lewes. After dinner I rode down to Laughton Pound where I wrote a general release from Thomas Goldsmith, of the parish of Waldron, William Butler and Elizabeth his wife of the parish of Chalvington and Thomas Darby the younger and Elizabeth his wife of the parish of Laughton, unto John Goldsmith of the parish of Laughton, which said release was witnessed by myself and Willian Gurrs. They gave me 2/6 for my trouble and 2/9 for a sheet of stamp paper.

Came home about 6:40 very sober. Rec’d from Mr Sam Durrant back by the post one bill on Sir Joseph Hankey and Partners, dated today, 21 days’ date, payable to me or order, No. 1945, value £26. Thomas Davy at our house in the evening, to whom I read the ninth book of Milton’s Paradise Lost.

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