Sunday, June 4 1758

In the morning about 5:40 my wife and I set out for Lewes on our roan mare, where we arrived about 7:20. We breakfasted at Mr Thomas Scrase’s and dined at Mrs Roase’s on a shoulder of veal stuffed, a pigeon pudding and green salad. We stayed and drank tea at Mrs Roase’s… We called on Mr Bennett and Mr Madgwick, but did not stop at either house. We also went to see the Castle Mount, which I think a most beautiful sight, it being so well adorned with a great variety of shrubs and flowers, and so exceeding high that you have a command of the prospect of all the circumjacent country round. We came home thank God very safe, sober, and well about 8:30. Spent today as under:

Myself gave Mrs Roase’s servant0.0.6
My wife do.0.0.6
Gave the man that showed us the Mount0.0.6
Turnpike, horse, and ostler0.0.6

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