Sunday, May 21 1758

About 7 o’clock in the morning my wife and I set out for Framfield, she on my colt and I on foot. We got to my mother’s about 8:10. We breakfasted with my mother. My mother, wife, brother and all my mother’s family were at church in the morning, except my sister and nephew, who together with myself stayed at home to get dinner. We dined at my mother’s on a shoulder of mutton roasted, a plain bread pudding and gooseberry pie. Neither my wife nor self at church in the afternoon. We stayed and drank tea at my mother’s and stayed till near 7 o’clock. We came home about 8:30. N.B.: This day my mother informed me that she had lately been told that Master Darby owed so much money that it was expected he would soon be sent to jail (and by someone in Lewes). Oh, melancholy news, for I believe he owes me near £20.

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