Thursday, June 8 1758

In the morning Mr John Crowhurst brought in the earthenware bought the 22nd ult. Paid him 3.0.6 in full. Very busy all day. Paid Thomas Wickersham in cash 6d, which with a book debt of 0.14.7 is in full for carriage of coals and all demands. We dined on a leg of lamb boiled and spinach with light pudding. In the evening Master Darby and Charles Cooper came to my house, he having just arrested Master Darby agreed to take a bill of sale of Master Darby’s goods. They both lodged at our house all night. My wife very ill all day… A very melancholy time with me; my wife very ill, and I am prodigious uneasy about Master Darby’s affair for fear I should have been guilty of any harsh or inhuman usage. Oh, that I lived in solitude and had not the occasion to act in trade. But still I hope and think I have done nought but what is consistent with self-preservation and the laws of equity.

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