Tuesday, June 20 1758

This is my birthday and the day on which I enter into the thirtieth year of my age. How many were they have arrived at this age have been cut off and taken out of this world, probably in the midst of their sins; therefore as it has pleased the almighty Disposer of all events to give me my health and life. How careful should I be that I live not in vain. As I daily increase in age, so may I also improve and increase in all virtue and godliness of life, for if we only look back and reflect upon the time that is past, we shall find he that lives to the greatest age will have room to say with holy psalmist that our days are passed as it were a tale that is told. Therefore my sincere wish is that I may ever endeavor to lay hold on the present minute, that when my exit shall be, I may evermore live a life of happiness and bliss.

Borrowed of the widow Virgoe in cash today 1.1.0. Mr Sam Beckett the carrier made me a present of three mackerel. We dined on some veal boiled, with green salad. After dinner my brother came over, and I rode behind him to Eason’s Green (where there was a cricket match a-playing between Framfield and Isfield). I left my brother there and walked to Framfield where I stayed and drank tea with my mother and came back again to Eason’s Green, where I stayed to see the end of the match. Framfield beat their antagonists at one innings (though there were two played). I came home about 8:40. My wife in my absence paid Mr Daniel Beard 2.1.0 in full; that is, 1.15.0 on account for Mr Joseph Burgess and 6/- on my own account.

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